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Hotel Carpet Cleaning
We offer Hotel Carpet Cleaning. This service includes our Deep Cleaning package. We also provide maintenance service for all Hotels. We can do cleaning in the early morning at 6:00 am or late evening at 11:00 pm, weekends and holidays, all at no extra charge. We work at your convenience. Your guests will not be interrupted, and we will do our very best to do a fast but thorough cleaning. Our cleaning is non-toxic and odor free. We can clean the hallway carpets, elevator carpets, coco mats, lobby, carpet tiles and even the individual rooms. Also curtains, drapes, mattresses, headboards and bedding linens. We offer free on-site estimates that can be handed at the hotel office, faxed or e-mailed.

School Carpet Services

School carpet cleaning
We have a wide variety of cleaning services when it comes to schools, from pre-schools to high schools. We clean chairs, furniture, upholstery, carpets, rugs, fabric mats, rubber mats, blinds, shades, drapes, etc.  Of course, we always use our Organic cleaning system when it comes to schools; this cleaning has absolutely no chemicals and is completely odorless. Most cleanings can be done on site, but we will pick up if that is your preference without additional fees.  On-site cleanings can be done in an early morning, evenings or weekends, again, no extra charge.

Building Carpet Services

Building Carpet Services Brooklyn
At A and B Carpet NY we have been working with building management, real estate, and property management offices for 20 years now and have a fantastic reputation as one of the leading cleaning companies in the Tri-State area. We are known for our competitive prices, prompt response and excellent cleaning. We offer free on-site estimates, bulk discount rates, and maintenance service. We clean hallways, foyers, mats, lobbies and elevator carpets. We also do commercial carpet rip-up, repair, re-stretch and installation.

Daycare Center Carpet Cleaning

Daycare Carpet cleaning Brooklyn
Daycare Center where children spend most of their day on carpets or rugs which have not been cleaned or maintained can produce bacteria it should be cleaned at least once a year. Some of these bacteria are food for living viruses. The carpet can become a place for bio-pollutants. A carpet or rug which has not been cleaned and maintained can produce bacteria. When you have the new carpet installed it should be cleaned at least once a year or twice a year is badly stained. Cleaning guarantees it is free from any bacteria. We pick up and delivery your children type rug or mat and delivery it back within a couple of days, free from stains, odors, and bacteria. We can always hold it for you until you are ready to have them delivered. Of course, we have discounted rates for day care centers. All cleaning fluids are Chemical and Odor Free!!!

We offer Free quotes, Free Pickup and Free Delivery.

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