Carpet Steam CleaningCarpet Steam Cleaning Brooklyn
At A&B Carpet NY we provide our common high-pressure warm water extraction, Water vapor Cleaning procedure for carpets. Carpets must be less than 1 year old without stains or odors. We make use of boiling fluid to get to the surface of the carpet. This process requires more or less 3-5 hrs of drying time (generally). We do not utilize any kind of toxic chemical substances; all fluids are safe for kids, the elderly and also pets. We do recommend not walking on the thoroughly clean carpet with shoes for twenty four hours as not to leave any kind of scuff marks, you may, however, walk on the carpets with socks. It is an odorless cleaning. If this procedure is really what you choose for your own carpet, let our cleaning expert know.

Carpet Shampoo CleaningCarpet shampoo cleaning brooklyn
Our Shampoo Cleaning process primarily created for carpets with minor surface stains as well as spills. We utilize a portable carpet cleaning machine with very high suction energy to have stains which may slightly be beneath the carpet’s surface. This process takes approximately 6-8 hours to dry (in most cases) due to the sternness of cleaning. We do suggest not walking on the carpet with shoes for 6-8 hours. The consequence of our Shampoo Cleaning procedure is great. It works on most stains, spills, and also odors. It is an odorless cleaning. Once more, absolutely no toxic cleaning agents are utilized in this process additionally.

Carpet Deep CleaningCarpet Deep Cleaning Brooklyn
The best recommended cleaning method - Deep Cleaning. This procedure is perfect for any kind of carpets that have several stains, spots or spills or a combination of all. It really is highly recommended for the carpet, which has serious animal urine and also feces stains and/or smells. Deep cleaning is also appropriate for bed bug as well as moth cleaning treatment. This cleaning method is furthermore excellent for juice, soda, blood, sauce, coffee and tea stains. It does, in spite of this, take 12 hours to totally dry (generally). It is totally non-toxic and also smell free as well as very well suited for business spaces as well as homes with high traffic areas. Together with the Deep Cleaning process, you get a Fiber Protector at zero additional cost. Moreover, this method comes with our Eco-Friendly deodorizer as well as sanitizer. We certainly have been highly effective at getting 99% of all stains as well as odors out with this method. This procedure does indeed take the time to thoroughly clean, usually, double the time of regular Steam Cleaning but well worth it.

Deodorize & SanitizeCarpet Deodorize & Sanitize
A carpet ought to be deodorized and also sanitized if you have high traffic, small children or perhaps pets. A&B Carpet NY may apply a particular carpet deodorizer and also sanitizer to reduce unwholesome bacteria and also odors in your carpets. If you decide to have this service performed the fluid is put into the exact same area since the cleaning fluid. You can demand it with anybody of the cleanings listed, but it is included in the Deep Cleaning procedure at absolutely no additional charge. As always this method is non-toxic as well as odorless. It's so convenient!

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